Guts2Glory No Limits Kilimanjaro Expedition 2014



Guts 2 Glory is a non-profit organization with the main aim of raising funds for disabled and underprivileged athletes in order to help them to realize their dreams of representing their country at the Paralympics.


Our focus is also on the development of other disabled athletes from a basic competitive level to Elite International level.


We are motivated to reach out to other disabled and disadvantaged athletes and include them as we grow from strength to strength.


 Is to break the limiting belief that a disabled team would never conquer Mount Kilimanjaro...



And through this, raise funds for the disabled & underprivileged to help them achieve their goals & realise their dreams in the sports arena.


Guts2Glory Kidz - To be abled to raise funds for 1000 amputee children each year.


This will be an annual event




Guts2Glory Kidz


Sourcing amputee and disabled children

partnering with De La Rey from PSdM

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Hanri Laubscher-pelser 
Sport Scientist and Administration

WEST 7137
c: 082 210 8426

Lee Mc Queen

Guts2Glory No Limits Kilimanjaro Expedition 2014 - Amputee Team